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bouncerKennels are a  thing of the Past!

Pet Sitters was founded as Pet Lodgers in 1999 by Virginia and Brian Angove. The idea came to them when they didn't want their Miniature Dachshund "Minora" and their Rottweiller "Tusu" to go into kennels when they were away.

They initially left them with friends, relatives or neighbours. They felt uncomfortable with this arrangement and thought they were forever imposing upon the good nature of their friends and relatives. They grew the idea of finding a host family to care for their pets whilst they were away. This humane alternative best addressed their pet's physical and emotional needs.


Mike and Jean continued Pet Sitters under their own company, Sageforce, when Virginia & Brian retired to Spain.
MikeMike has owned, bred, and trained dogs all his life.
JeanJean owns a farm, and has extensive knowledge of and experience with dogs, horses, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, and many other animals.

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Pet  sitters makes special arrangements for your pet that far surpass the offerings of a traditional kennel. By a process of lengthy interviews we have carefully selected animal loving individuals and families who take your pets into their homes and give them the personal attention they are used to. Lots of love, petting, playing, going for walks, a warm comfortable place to sleep, and of course the food and treats that only you know they love.

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Petsitters is a trading name of Sageforce Ltd.             Company Registration Number 2248768
Reg. Office: Manser Hunot, Highland House, Albert Drive, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9TN